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The System - 1985's Generic Universal Role Playing System

The System

A Role Playing System for Any Setting or Time Period

Second Edition ("25th Anniversary Edition"); 28 pages + cover

The System universal role playing game was designed in late 1985/early 1986 before other universal role playing systems were available on the market. The content of this book was recently rescued from oblivion, given a (very) quick polish to the ruleset, and typeset with a decidedly retro (1st generation) RPG feel to it. If you're looking for an early-generation RPG ruleset (with all of its quirks and idiosyncrasies), then The System is for you.

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The System

A Role Playing System for Any Setting or Time Period

First Edition; 46 pages + cover

Originally published in 1985, the first edition of The System was produced in a limited run of only three copies. The layout was done using a Wang 2200 VP word processor, and the master copy printed on a Wang daisy wheel printer. The master copy was then photocopied and bound with black VeloBind plastic strip binding. The cover was photocopied on a putty-colored linen cover stock.


What they're saying...

"The System... presents a system of simple rules, which fits in less than 30 pages, but is built on a solid enough to be capable of magnifications without becoming a patchwork of contradictory."

The System is "...highly recommended for general interested in versatility and strong candidate to replace GURPS as my main system."

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